Why do you call your coffee varieties "Grand Crus"?

Like in the wine industry, a “Grand Cru” stands out from a “mainstream” coffee by its uncompromising perfection pushed to the extreme at every stage of its development: selection of exclusive green coffee varieties, ideal soil, controlled growing conditions and thorough post harvest treatments, best in class farming practices, hand-picking and drastic sorting, discriminatory tasting and severe quality controls.

From this exclusive raw material, like in the wine industry, our experts create “Grand Crus” blends of various varieties and origins (like the “Bordeaux” wines) or select and sublimate a single origin deeply rooted to its soil (like the “Burgundy” wines). Just like the winemaker with precious grapes, our master blender and roaster then put all their expertise and knowledge in the design of creative blending and specific roasting profiles, to finally offer unique coffees of the highest possible quality.

What does “Pure Origin” or “Single Origin” coffee mean?

A pure origin or single origin coffee is made of coffees coming from the same country of origin. At Nespresso, each “pure origin” is exclusively and genuinely composed (100%) of coffees coming from a single country of origin and even limited regions that offer unique profiles. We perform rigorous sampling and testing to ensure that we have only 100% pure origins.

What is so special about the highest quality coffee that Nespresso uses?

Nespresso coffee experts look for only the finest beans with a particular taste and specific aromatic characteristics, to create the Nespresso Grand Cru blends. Each coffee is evaluated through tasting to ensure that the coffee meets the Nespresso quality standards and matches the exact aroma profiles.

Nespresso is committed to offering its consumers only the finest gourmet coffees. Only the top 1% to 2% of the world’s green coffee crop meets Nespresso specific taste and aroma profiles. Throughout the year, Nespresso green coffee experts and their green coffee supply partners ensure these highest quality standards by actively seeking out such coffees cultivated in farming communities in the world premium coffee-producing areas. These are often remote regions, where a combination of altitude, climate and rich soil produce the distinctive flavors, aromas and complex character that make up Nespresso Grand Crus.

Are Nespresso capsules just filled with pure coffee?

The 16 Nespresso Grand Cru capsules contain only pure coffee, sourced from the finest 1-2% of the world’s coffee production. That’s why no additives of any kind are used or needed. The quality and consistency of our coffee in the cup and its exquisite crema are the result of the highest quality coffee, the way we manage the quality during the whole production process and the unique Nespresso system – the interaction of the original Nespresso aluminum capsule and the genuine Nespresso machine.

How can Nespresso coffee produce its thick crema?

The thick crema Nespresso Grand Cru coffees are known for results of 25 years of expertise in coffee processing to create the perfect espresso. The entire process – from the blending, roasting and grinding of the coffee beans to the speed and the way the coffee flows through the machines – influences all aspects of the quality of an espresso. That includes the crema, whose texture, density, quantity and consistency help reveal the aromas above the cup and preserve them in the cup.

Where are the coffees used in the capsules sourced from?

The coffees used by Nespresso are sourced primarily from nine countries: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Kenya, Ethiopia and India.

Where are the coffee capsules produced?

All the coffee capsules are produced in Switzerland, in the Nespresso Production Centres of Orbe and Avenches. The coffee capsules are then shipped worldwide from the Avenches site.

Where can I buy Nespresso products?

You can buy Nespresso products on our online 24/7 ordering platform https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/login, in our Nespresso boutiques, or by phone via one of our Customer Relationship Centres.

Why is Nespresso coffee not available in stores/supermarkets?

Our Unique Business Model enables us to manage quality at every stage of the value chain and to maintain direct consumer relationships. We believe this allows us to best anticipate and respond to consumer expectations. We know that Nespresso Club Members value the individual treatment they experience at Nespresso – whether it is through the 24/7 service of the Nespresso online boutique, the Nespresso Customer Relationship Centres, or the face-to-face contact in our retail network of boutiques.

Nespresso Club

What is the Nespresso Club?

Nespresso offers specific services to consumers who wish to enter what is called the Nespresso Club. A customer who has chosen to join the Nespresso Club is called a Club Member. The Nespresso Club services include: delivery of capsules and coffee accessories to your address of choice within two business days; maintenance service with free machine pick-up and free machine loan; guidance on the finest points of coffee tasting; “Limited Edition” Grand Crus; an exclusive selection of coffee accessories and the Nespresso Magazine (NMag).

Nespresso offers its Club Members exclusive free 24/7 services to order capsules, machines or accessories. You can choose from three sales channels: our 24/7 global online boutique, our international retail network of exclusive boutiques and our Customer Care Centres with more than 4 300 Nespresso coffee specialists at your service.

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